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Arrangements for Children

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Arrangements for Children

Child law can be one of the most intricate and sensitive areas that you deal with during a separation or dispute. It is crucial to seek legal advice as soon as you can in order to know your rights those of your family, accurately weigh up your options and choose the right course of action. The sooner you can resolve your case the sooner you and your children can move forward positively and happily with your future.

Child Arrangements

If you are going through a separation it is possible that you and your spouse can agree on arrangements for your child(ren). However if you are unable to come to such an agreement, this decision can be made in Court. There are several aspects under consideration when making such a decision. Our solicitors will guide you through all the steps and negotiate on your behalf to get the settlement you and your child(ren) deserve, and which puts you all in the best possible place to move forward.

If you cannot reach an agreement yourselves our solicitors have the expertise to negotiate robustly on your behalf to secure a favourable outcome. If this cannot be achieved then we can make an application to Court on your behalf for a Child Arrangements Order.

Child Arrangement Orders set out clearly where a child should live and with whom they should spend time.

Financial Provision

We can approach a former partner or spouse on behalf of you and your child in relation to financial provision. You may be entitled to make a claim under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 even if you were never a married couple or indeed in a relationship at all. Schedule 1 provides for support for children beyond the minimum CSA amount including capital settlements for property or lump sums of cash and for ongoing school fees. Contact us for more information about what your child may be entitled to.

Parental Responsibility

If you were married to your child’s other parent and your child was born from December 2003, you both have parental responsibility, which continues after a separation. If not, the mother will automatically have Parental Responsibility but the father can acquire Parental Responsibility by reaching a formal agreement with the mother and lodging it with a Court or making an application to Court..

It is incredibly rare for a Court to remove Parental Responsibility from a parent but if you feel this may be relevant to you then please get in touch for more information.

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